Services We Offer


Here at Invasion Media we strive to provide a professional environment to practice your craft by allowing you to focus on what you love most, rather than stress about the latest trends and how to succeed in the industry.

  • Open new avenues through our extensive contacts to help further your career

  • Consultation in many fields; from art layout and helping curate your portfolio, to helping you expand your brand

  • Provide insight into current market trends and assist in merchandising

  • Event booking at Cons and other related events

  • Be on hand to assist you, your booth and brand as needed during shows and events

Show Runners

Invasion Media can provide show runners the services you are looking for.  Our growing collective of artists will not only bolster your shows talent pool to draw in more fans, but we can also offer:

  • Exclusive badge and lanyard designs

  • Shirt Designs

  • Exclusive comic book cover art

  • Network of Artists to fill booth space

  • Artist Panels

  • Authorized CGC Dealer - We offer grading services, which can draw in even more customers!  (CGC Witnessing coming soon)

  • And much more!  Contact us for more information.

Questions or Booking Inquiries?

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